On August 1st last year, the Resident Priority Area protocol, Ópera APR, came into force in accordance with a decree of January 1st, 2015. It stated that only vehicles belonging to residents and public transport services may circulate and park in the Ópera APR zone.

Other citizens will be restricted from driving the streets of the Ópera APR zone except those heading for public parking lots in the zone.

Our establishment has made significant improvements to its informatics equipment to ensure that customers receive the best service possible and to guarantee free access to the parking lot with no fear of being fined as they drive within the Ópera APR.

It is important that you know that all the license plates of vehicles parking at our facilities are sent to the Municipality to justify their passage through the Ópera APR zone.

For further information, visit our  APR Madrid Ópera section.APR Ópera