The Plaza de las Descalzas Parking are offering a 20% bonus for those users who lodge at a hotel in the Sol-Opera area

IMG-20170529-WA0001 (2)

To apply such a discount it is necessary to park the vehicle at least 11 hours continued and the client brings us the parking ticket sealed by the hotel. discount 

The price per day during a minimum of 11 hours stay (the vehicle cannot move from our car park for 11 hours continued) up to 24 hours is 32,50€ (VAT included). Therefore, once the discount was applied the price would be 26,00€discount 

The discount is applied directly by our Parking and not the hotel. To do this, you must go to the cash desk to validate the bonus. discount 

Likewise, we have daily subscriptions from 3 days up to 7 days, for those users who are going to use the vehicle during the stay in the hotel, obtaining a 15% discount on official tariffs, so that you can ENTER and EXIT of the car park WITHOUT ANY RESTRICTION and with no additional charges. discount 

You can consult the list of the main hotels and hostels in the area in the following links:

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